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Do you remember your cool adventure at the abandoned toy factory where you had to face insane toys? Now, a new story in this genre invites for more fun! This time, you have to investigate a new nerve-wrecking case, and you will go to the kindergarten! This location is empty after the scary case when everyone disappeared from here without a warning. Nobody could ever find any logical explanation to it, and now your task is to make another attempt to discover the truth! Are you ready to delve deeper in this horror entertainment?

Welcome to Garten of Banban!

You will step into a seemingly empty place. However, your assumption is completely wrong. Very soon, you will find out you are not an only living being in this location. Who is moving around? You will see lots of weird creatures that do not seem friendly at all! These are mascots of this place that have come to life! They are true monsters that are just waiting to attack anyone who dares to step onto their territory. So now you can clearly understand that those poor people did not leave the place on their own. It was some evil power that stands behind the disaster. The antagonists will set multiple traps for you. Look around and check your every step not to be captured. It is obvious that these creatures will kill you as soon as they manage to reach you! So you need to conduct the investigation and stay at a safe distance from the monstrous personages that will accompany you on this trip!

Explore it well!

Although the place is full of dangers, you cannot simply leave it now. Your mission must be completed, otherwise, you will pay by your life. First of all, you need to thoroughly explore every meter of this place – the clues are definitely somewhere around. But with enemies following you on your heels, it will be a real nightmare. And it depends now only on your logic and agility whether you will survive it at all. Some corners of the kindergarten are dark and dangerous. Luckily, you will have a little drone you can use to reach even the most distant place. So be very attentive not to miss a single hint to find the clue to this mystery. There are lots of thrills to go through – are you ready for unexpected twists and jumscares? If so, let’s start on this trial – but note that once you open the door to the kindergarten, you will have to come to the very end! Join now to see whether the outcome of this story will be happy for you!

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