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Garten Of Banban 6

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The game belongs to the horror genre. This is the sixth part of the series, which tells about a kindergarten where mysterious and sometimes terrifying events began to take place. At night, when there is practically no one here, the toys come to life and become not as friendly and cute as they used to be. Now these are dangerous creatures that can harm, steal or bring other troubles to the player.

Where are the events taking place?

The events of the game, as in the previous parts, take place on the territory of a kindergarten, which has many rooms and secret rooms where other people do not penetrate. You will have to explore the locations in order to get out and survive. Many of the places you will enter will be dangerous, but sometimes you can find useful items that will be useful for passing. When passing the game, you will have to move from one room to another, remember routes, and return. The game is made in the first person, which allows you to increase the level of immersion and create a special atmosphere. It should be noted that you are in the Ban-ban kindergarten at night, so many locations will have to be passed in twilight.

Gameplay Features

To survive, you will need to look for a way out of the rooms in order to get further. It will not always be obvious, as at the first levels. When you first enter the kindergarten, the environment is not yet fully aimed at destroying you, so the initial locations will be an easy walk and a warm-up before the really serious tests. As you progress, you will find various items that you can interact with. Some of them will bring bonuses, others can be used to fight monsters or open doors. It is also possible that dangerous things that can cause harm, various traps and so on will be waiting for you.

From time to time you will meet children’s toys come to life. They are the most dangerous, as they can not only fight with each other, which will be shown to you at the beginning of the game, but also attack uninvited guests like you. In the new part, you have to face enemies that you have not seen before. Each enemy is unique in its own way, so you should make a lot of efforts not to get caught by him. You will be pursued and tried to kill, which creates a tense atmosphere and does not allow you to relax for a second.

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