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The Backrooms

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What kind of place is it? This endless corridor with dull walls covered with the same yellow wallpaper puts pressure on the psyche and causes paranoia. There is not a single movement or sound here, except for those created by your own footsteps. How did you get here? The game doesn’t answer. But one thing you know for sure – you have to get out of here as soon as possible, otherwise you will just go crazy! Start your horror journey through the surreal nightmare called The Backrooms and see how long it takes you to escape!

Solve puzzles and find a way out!

The gameplay consists of exploring a spooky labyrinth and opening many doors. Each of them leads to a separate room, where another puzzle awaits you. Solving these puzzles will not be easy, because the game will not tell you exactly how to move objects or by what principle they are connected to bring the whole structure into action. You will have to act by trial and error, experimenting and improvising. There is a certain logic in all this, you just have to find it. But when solving puzzles, do not forget about your safety, because you are not alone in this creepy place!

Don’t go crazy and beware of a scary monster!

All the time while you wander through the frightening corridors of The Backrooms, a terrible creature will lie in wait for you. This gloomy shadow will slide along the walls, now approaching, then disappearing. And you will not know exactly when she decides to get close to you. When this happens, a screamer will appear on the screen and the game will be over. Therefore, you need to be especially careful and constantly look around so as not to let the danger get too close. In addition, you need to constantly check with the watch that you find on your hand. This will save you from hallucinations, which will inevitably begin due to exposure to the paranoid atmosphere of the game, if you neglect this little rule. Start playing The Backrooms right now and set a new record for escaping this creepy dream!

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