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Poppy Playtime

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Years ago, it used to be a thriving toy company. The factory was producing hundreds of toys on a daily basis that were highly popular among kids and their parents. You could see the smiling blue monster Huggy Wuggy and other toys by Playtime Corporation on every shelf. Then something happened, and the plant was shut down all of a sudden without any clear explanation. In Poppy Playtime, you will walk into the abandoned building and try to find out everything about the mysterious past of the once mighty toy production giant!

Explore the factory and find out what happened!

The main hero of the game is an ex employer who left the factory way before those strange events. Now he wants to figure out what actually happened and returns to his former place of work. Together with him, you will wander around the empty offices and halls, corridors and workshops looking into every room and searching for the slightest bits of information that can clue you in. And since you will start off without knowing anything about the company, you’re going to find plenty of materials and even a short introductory video describing the corporation and its achievements. But that’s not the main part of the gameplay…

Beware of the evil toys and stay alert!

During your investigation, you have to be particularly careful not to get into the hands of Huggy Wuggy and his friends. Yes, the toys have gone evil and are now hunting anyone who dares to set foot into their place of inhabitance. They won’t attack at once of course, but you can be sure – they are already aware that you’re in the building. Stay on your guard while exploring the workshops where each of the toys used to be produced – that’s probably where you will encounter another monster. Use the gadgets you will find at the factory, first of all the signature GrabPack, to make your way through all the obstacles and even fight for your life!

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