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The Baby In Yellow

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Can a job of a babysitter be dangerous? Start playing The Baby in Yellow to learn it by yourself! You will have to go through a terrible survival adventure with lots of thrills. But let’s see how it all starts. You are invited to spend several days in a big mansion, looking after a baby while his parents are away. It does not seem scary at all. But wait until the first night! You will immediately notice that your ward is staring at you in a strange way, however, you will not understand the reason for it.

Why is the baby so weird?

At first, things go well enough. And even so, something looks quite strange. The light turns on its own, and some objects seem to change their positions without your participation! But the real horror starts when the night comes. The baby in yellow suddenly disappears! Now you need to explore this big and gloomy house. To your shock, it is full of unbelievable traps. Who set all them? And what secrets does this terrible place keep? It is your task to find all the clues!

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