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Garten of Banban Horror

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If you’re one of the people who enjoys thrilling emotions and indulges in playing another hot horror game from time to time, you should definitely check out Garten of Banban! You’re about to become an investigator of a strange event that borders on the supernatural. As a real detective, you’re going to collect clues and proof in your attempts to get to the bottom of the bizarre massive disappearance that took place in one kindergarten. There is nobody to tell you the details because there is nobody in the building at all! You’re on your own, and you have to be very careful!

Look for clues, solve puzzles and use your drone!

As in many games of the sort, you’ll start out without any clear understanding of what’s going on. You’ll have to figure it out bit by bit wandering around the map, looking into the deepest corners of the abandoned building and trying to make sense of what you see. You won’t have any companions or helpers – at least, human ones. However, you’ll have a drone that is much more agile than you and can fly to any height and any distance. Using it, you will be able to gather more evidence – and you also won’t feel so alone hearing its friendly buzzing nearby.

Don’t fall into the paws of the evil mascots!

And just like in any horror game, you’ll be hunted by terrible creatures that want you dead. These are going to be cheerful-looking mascots that obviously turned from cute toys into evil monsters. Beware of them, they are dangerous and very cunning! They won’t make their move immediately – instead, they will watch and learn your habits just as you look around and learn everything possible about this place. And when they think the moment is right, they will attack. Stay on your guard if you don’t want to fall prey to their wrath or go insane even if you manage to avoid physical damage! Play Garten of Banban horror online, start your grim investigation and see if you can stay alive to find out the truth!

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