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Five Nights at Freddy’s

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If you are tired of races and various sports games, it is the right time for something really cool! And this adventure is what can bring you a perfect portion of adrenaline! Welcome to Freddy’s pizzeria that is famous thanks to robotic toys that entertain all visitors. You will become a night guard in this place that has signed a contract and now needs to work 5 nights here. However, you have not the slightest idea of the nightmare that will soon unfold.

Try not to fall their victim!

As soon as you say goodbye to the last visitor and locks the door, you are seized with a weird feeling you are not alone here! And your suspicions are not groundless – animatronics are alive and freely wander around the place. They do not seem to be friendly this time! It is obvious you will be killed if they can reach you. So stay in your office and lock the door when any of the toys is near your door! You just need to survive through the night to take a breath until a new shift!

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