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Garten of Banban 4

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What kind of dangers can possibly be waiting for you at an old abandoned kindergarten? It’s just a building, right? Well, things are never as simple and innocent as they look when you play Garten of Banban! The fourth part will send you on another blood-chilling investigation that might well end up with your brutal death. If you’re not afraid, then let’s go!

What happened to the kids?

Garten of Banban that used to be the hottest spot in town for all the parents who wanted their little munchkins to learn and play in a safe and fun environment. But then, out of nowhere, all the kids vanished into thin air! Poof! And just like that, the place was closed down without any explanation from the cops.

Now, there are all sorts of rumors floating around about what happened to those kids. Some say they were kidnapped by aliens, while others claim that they were eaten by a pack of hungry wolves. But nobody really knows it, and that’s where you come in!

Venture inside and find out the truth!

Take it very seriously – you’re on a mission to find out what really went down at the Garten of Banban. So you head over there to do some investigating. And as you step over the porch, things are getting pretty creepy already. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears open, ready to collect any evidence that might lead you to the truth. But you’ve got to be careful, because the whispers about evil creatures dwelling here might turn out to be no joke after all! Good luck!

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