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Piggy Escape from the Pig

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Some horror games seem childish and humorous until you start playing them! This one also belongs to this category. The story is devoted to escape from the Piggy’s house. You wake up in her home and understand you are trapped. Despite Piggy is usually friendly and funny, this time this personage has changed! Now, she is angry and aggressive. When you open your eyes, you immediately realize you need to run away as soon as possible. But it will require certain skills and effort!

Try to find the front door!

The only solution is to reach the front door and run away. However, your enemy knows you will try to escape from this place and lock the door to keep you inside. Where are the keys? Piggy has hidden these somewhere in the house. So you need to find all the keys and then make your way to the exit. Do you best to successfully maneuver and not to allow your opponent too close to you. If you allow her even to touch you, the game will be over for you! Move as fast as you can and always keep at a safe distance from this evil personage.

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