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Garten of Banban 3 Chapter

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Garten of Banban never stops creeping out the locals – and players like you seeking fun and thrill. So if you’re ready to enter another round of this spooky adventure, welcome to chapter three of the notorious horror game! You’ll once again have to search the entire building from top to bottom and dodge the grip of the evil mascots that will be hunting you down!

Explore the place and find clues!

From the very minute you step into Garten of Banban, you have to stay on your guard. The place has been desolate and empty for years, so there is a bit of chaos here. Your task is to explore every room and every corner in an effort to discover any clues the police might have missed. You never know where you can find another piece of evidence, so you have to be very attentive and fix your eyes on the smallest details as you wonder through these halls that once used to be filled with kids.

Beware of creepy monsters and stay alive!

And you also shouldn’t forget about the danger that is lurking here! The children didn’t go missing on their own, and soon you’ll see the creepy monsters behind their disappearance. With its spooky jump scares and suspenseful atmosphere, Garten of Banban chapter 3 will surely keep you on edge for the entire gameplay. Make sure you collect all the information you can and put together a clear picture of what happened here long ago. But also make sure not to put your life at stake!

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