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Evil Nun Schools Out

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Summer camps are a great way to spend your holidays. Especially when it’s a respectable establishment run by a nun. What can possibly go wrong when you’re around a nun, right? Well, the main hero of this game is about to learn the hard way that not all nuns are the same. Will you be able to get out of this horrible summer camp and possibly also save other kids? Let’s find out!

When nuns go evil

Sister Madeline is not a regular nun. Maybe not a human at all. She is angry, cruel and kids whisper that she is also into satanism. Some of the children go missing, and while it’s totally possible they went home, you just don’t believe it. Maybe sister Madeline already sacrificed them in some sort of a dark ritual. Or keeps them imprisoned somewhere before she can. You don’t want to wait for the same thing to happen to you, so you decide to escape. Sneak your way past the evil nun and through the entire camp and get out successfully!

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