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Garten Of BanBan Spite Of Spirits

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You have already tried to solve the mystery of the Garten of Banban in several previous episodes. So you know well its spooky story. The place is associated with the terrible event from the past when kids were kidnapped from here. People still try to understand why that happened and who stands behind it. You are chosen to enter the premises to explore it. So far, you have already managed to find some clues. But it is still not enough to uncover all the truth. It is time to go their again and look for more evidence. This time, you will explore new area, and it really seems much scarier than what you previously saw.

New mascots are ready to confront you!

Always remember you are not alone in this strange building. It is inhabited by weird creatures – mascots of kindergarten. In this episode, you will meet new personages. Be ready to face really frightening creatures that will try to capture you. Only your reaction and logic can save you from the worst outcome. Make sure you solve all the puzzles to find clues that will enable you to move forward. It seems this particular chapter contains the most dreadful obstacles. And a gloomy environment together with a scary soundtrack create an unforgettable atmosphere of risk and danger. Will you survive? Nobody knows how skillfully you can manage to use your little drone and source the information. Test your skills in this new breathtaking adventure. You will love endless thrills!

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