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Hungry Lamu

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This lama is constantly hungry. No matter how many food ends up in his stomach, he is always longing for some more tasty treats. So he spends his whole day in the garden, roaming around and searching what else he can binge on. In this colorful and a little bit quirky game, you’re going to help him have a great dinner by gathering various fruits lying around the lawn. It sounds as simple as it gets, but…

Collect all the fruits and feed the lama!

It wouldn’t have been so interesting if not for one tiny catch. This is a magical garden, and the fruits aren’t just going to lie around waiting for be eaten. They will try and get away from the lama once he approaches them. So you have to be not only attentive to spot a maximum number of apples, oranges, mangoes and other delicious things lurking in the grass, but also to run them down. There are plenty of vibrant and exciting levels for you to pass playing Hungry Lamu online!

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