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Ice Scream Horror Neighborhood

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What would you do if your best friend is kidnapped? In this story, you will find yourself in such a situation. A treacherous ice maker appeared in your city. And at the same time, your best friend disappears. You suspect this ice maker is not so innocent as he pretends to be. There is only one way to check it – you need to sneak into his van and get into his home. Are you brave enough for this risky task?

Explore the ice cream factory

The van will take you to a strange factory where ice cream is supposed to be made. But once you get inside, you will be shocked to find out what is going on here. The place is full of traps and various dangers. Its evil owner kidnaps kids and imprisons here! And now the insane ice maker will hunt after you! Will you be able to overcome all trials, solve lots of puzzles and rescue your friend? Each your step is full of risks. Delve into this endless flow of adventures and run away from your evil enemy. Will it end up happily for you?

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