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Grandpa & Granny 4

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Most of the times, terrible maniacs are those buff, threatening-looking guys running around with a chainsaw in their hands of steel or swishing a heavy bate not every man can even pick up. In this case, you’re going to deal against a villain who is much more petite and harmless in appearance. Actually, there will be two of them at a time. Your old acquaintance Granny and another crazy old man, Grandpa, helping her around!

Granny and Grandpa are on the hunt!

Now your task of getting away from the mad old lady you surely remember from a vast number of horror games that have already been around the web for a long time is complicated by the presence of Grandpa. He is just as insane and no less dangerous. You have to make your way through their murky house very carefully – they will run to every slight sound they hear. Just like before, you have five days to make a successful escape. Otherwise you’ll die a horrible death. Good luck!

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