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Garten of Banban All Jumpscares

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These creatures may look charming and friendly. They are cute, soft, plush and they seem to smile at you as if inviting you to play with them. And it’s no wonder – what else can you expect when you’re in a kindergarten? But don’t be in a hurry to jump into their arms! Look around – don’t you notice anything strange? These rooms and halls are empty, there are no footsteps of the running kids and their laugher echoing in the corridors as they return from a day walk. The canteen is desolate – these cups and plates haven’t been used for quite a lot of time. Maybe everyone is sleeping? But there is nobody in the beds. What’s happening? And do the joyful-looking mascots have something to do with it? That’s what you’re about to find out playing Garten of Banban!

Solve the mystery of the abounded kindergarten!

In this horror game, you’ll have to go up against the mascots of one famous kindergarten. It used to be the best in the neighborhood until all of a sudden everyone went missing. Nobody knows anything about this mysterious events, so you decided to go in and snoop around. Driven by pure curiosity or maybe the desire to help the police, you will roam the building looking for answers or at least some hints that can get you closer to the truth. But you have to be extra careful!

Escape the grip of the mascots and stay alive!

The mascots you are going to meet in Garten of Banban are highly dangerous. They hate humans and most of all kids. Their favorite tactics is to creep up to the poor victim and jumpscare them to death. So you have to listen out to any noises, no matter how slight they are. It’s better to turn around and see nothing behind your back than to let any of the mascots come close to you. You can run, hide or maybe even fight. The most important thing is to survive and continue your investigation. Enjoy playing Garten of Banban online and have fun!

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