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Baldi’s Fun New School Remastered

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Out of all bad and horrible teachers in the entire world, Baldi is probably the worst. This skinny bald man has true hatred for children. And even though he is supposed to teach them math, all he actually does in his class is picking on his students for every little mistakes and sometimes even using physical means of driving a little knowledge into their heads. You just evoked Baldi’s rage, so get to your feet and start running for your life!

Don’t let Baldi catch you!

Running away from Baldi, you have to pick the shortest and safest way around the school. Try to get him off your trail by any means. Don’t trust anyone – even innocent-looking middle-schoolers jumping the rope in the backyard may turn out to be Baldi’s agents! As the day goes on, your energy level will drop while Baldi will become faster and stronger. Keep up your stamina by binging on sweets and soda you’re going to get from vending machines. Collect seven notebooks and make your way out of the campus!

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