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Undertale Enchanted (HD Remake)

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As a kid, many of us believed there are some kind of monsters lurking under our bed. And one day a little boy Fisk found out that it’s true. And not just one monster or even a bunch of them, but a whole monster kingdom! Having fallen through a crack between dimensions, he found himself in a totally different and incredibly enchanting world inhabited by the strangest creatures. Now he has to find his way home. And maybe he can change the fate of this fairy tale land before he does!

Welcome back to the monster kingdom!

Every character you meet in Undertale Enchanted HD Remake is a personality. They all look different and have some unexpected background stories and traits. You will get to know a scary-looking, but kind-hearted skeleton, a cunning talking flower and many other interesting heroes. They can become either your friends or enemies, depending on your actions and choices. The same goes for the whole outcome of the game, so you have a great chance to discover all possible endings playing differently every time!

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