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Project Playtime

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We all love Poppy Playtime with its suspenseful factory setting, tricky puzzles and incredible gadgets that we can find in the building to deal with them. And of course, with its creepy monsters, the murderous toys living in the murky workshops and lurking in the dimly lit halls. Now you can experience all that once again, now in the company of friends that will back you up and help you fight back Huggy Wuggy and other horrible beings waiting for you in the game!

Poppy Playtime now in multiplayer!

Yes, Project Playtime is basically a multiplayer version of Poppy Playtime. Here you can team up with five other players and set out to explore the abandoned planet together. Working as a team, you can come up with some sort of a smart plan to oppose the evil toys. And there is one more thing – in this game, you can collect spare parts scattered around the building and put them together into a giant toy of your own that will fight on your side. An intriguing perspective, isn’t it? However, finding those parts won’t be easy. You’ll have to divide and roam the multiple rooms and corridors of the factory in search of them. Look out and beware of your enemies that are possibly tracking you down this very second!

Explore the factory, solve puzzles and collect spare parts!

The rest of the gameplay has remained largely the same. You have to walk around the building that spans numerous floors, offices and manufacturing facilities. Each of these locations may turn out to contain one of the mechanisms you need to reach your ultimate goal. So keep your eyes peeled, not only for the stuff you may discover at every step, but also for any signs of danger because the toys won’t be just sitting and waiting until you cope with your mission. Rely on your partners and check out Project Playtime together with your friends right now!

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