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Garten of Banban

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What kind of bad things can possibly happen in a kindergarten? After all, it’s a place where parents take their kids to be watched over and taken care of. The teachers and babysitters are all specially trained and skilled at handling the little ones, and you can be sure that your children are going to be fine from the moment they step over the nursery’s threshold to the time you come for them to take them back home. Or?.. Playing Garten of Banban, you are going to put yourself in great danger since this once reputable establishment now seems to be a crime scene!

Not quite usual kinder garten…

In this horror game, you’ll be playing as a new kid who just moved into the neighborhood and is having his first day at Garten of Banban. His parents are sure this is the best place their baby can go to. But as a newcomer, you see a lot and notice small details that aren’t that obvious to anyone who has already spent quite a large share of time here and just got too used to the stuff happening around. First of all, you have to explore the building, find out what kind of locations the developers have prepared for you and what kind of things you can do here. Carefully look around and memorize everything – you never know if you’re gonna need this tiny bit of information later in the gameplay or not, so it makes sense to pay attention to everything you find out.

Secondly, you’re gonna meet the children that already go to Garten of Banban and maybe even make some friends. These characters can be of great help to you and they can also supply you with useful information that is vital to revealing who is standing behind the mysterious disappearances on the campus. Yes, kids and even adults go missing here, so you have to be particularly careful if you don’t want to be next. And there are no guarantees that you’ll end another day in total safety!

Stay on your guard and snoop around!

In your searches, you won’t be alone. And it’s only that you can count on the other characters you are going to meet in Garten Banban – you’ll have something much better in terms of reliability and even faithfulness. This is a real drone that you can control remotely and send to various locations where you don’t want to go on your own. This flying companion of yours will be of tremendous assistance in your efforts to find out anything about the missing kids and their kidnapper, and also make it a little bit easier for you when you feel lonely and scared. Start playing right now and see if you can survive!

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